If you are looking for lunch recipes or mid-day snack, I have got you covered! My lunch recipes include dishes for the person looking to plan ahead or for the person just looking to grab and go. Typically, when you think “lunch,” you probably think sandwiches, salads and soup. While I do have plenty of recipes for all those things, I have so many more options than just the stereotypical lunch.

You will notice as you scroll through my lunch recipes that I love to eat healthy during this meal. Typically, dinner is the meal that you sometimes splurge on or prefer to treat yourself. It is so easy to cook a yummy healthy lunch as opposed to getting takeout. I strive to save time and money by making my lunches at home. From stuffed peppers to simple veggies, you can easily prepare something that you will be excited to have for lunch!

Lunch gives you energy to keep you going through the day. Whether you need something for school, work or at home, you will be able to find the lunch dish you are looking for on my site. Plan your menu for the week with my easy and delicious lunch recipes. I hope you are hungry!

I have included one of my favorite dishes to make for lunch time below!

Get inspired


Rice with a Twist

Sometimes rice can be boring so here’s one of my favorite ways to change it up!


Honey Mustard Chicken

Yum! If you love honey mustard you’re going to love this chicken!