Dairy Free

Having a dairy-free diet does not need to be difficult. I can help you still enjoy the dairy treats that you know and love. The ingredients I use in my dairy-free recipes taste great and make your body feel good too!

A dairy-free diet is often due to lactose intolerance but may also be a personal lifestyle choice. Lactose intolerance means your body is unable to process lactose (a sugar found in milk) properly. This means that for those with lactose intolerance, milk products produce negative symptoms that will vary according to the degree of lactose their system can tolerate. While there is medicine available to address the symptoms of eating dairy, often it is much simpler to cut out dairy products completely.

I have taken the time to create numerous dairy-free recipes that are so nutritious and delicious that you will not believe they are truly dairy free. One of my favorite meals is made with grilled salmon and veggies. I did not forget about the sweet stuff either, I have a to die for dairy-free chocolate cake recipe!

With these particular recipes, my goal was to make the dairy-free eater feel as if they can enjoy the same things as dairy eaters. My recipes are “a must have” for any dairy-free eater because I use simple, easy to find ingredients in every dish. If you are currently eating dairy-free, you know the importance of reading ingredient labels so that you know exactly what is in the food you are eating.

I am also proud to announce that Charine’s Mediterranean Garlic Sauces are all dairy free, made with organic and local ingredients. Eating dairy-free does not have to be tasteless, so be sure to shop my sauces to add an extra tool to your kitchen. With my assortment of all-natural sauces, you will have a head start in cooking delicious dairy-free snacks and meals!

Whether you are trying to start a dairy-free lifestyle, have allergies or are just trying to avoid it, I have some of the best recipes for you! My alternatives can give you the yummy meal you are looking for. Check them out!