Welcome to Chef Charine’s Blog! I am so excited to share my foodie thoughts with you. I am new to the food blog scene, but I am so excited to get started. If you follow me on any social media you know that I have a passion for all things food and nutrition, so I plan to share more of that here!

I try to have a variety of reads available on my blog for every type of reader. Some of my posts are about recipes, while others are about healthy eating or just cool stories going on in the culinary world. I am so happy I get to share some of my favorite dishes and stories with you. With my love of traveling and food, I will definitely be sharing some thoughts on my most recent trips and adventures.

Every week I am coming up with new recipes and new techniques for my cooking and I didn’t want to leave you out on any of it! This is why I will be sharing my most recent ideas on this blog. I follow some great food blogs already and love the things that they are sharing so I thought I would give it a try too! I have complied a list of some of my favorite easy recipes, favorite restaurants and best food stories to share with you!

I would love to hear from all of my readers, so if you want to share something with me please do! I am always looking for new recipes, blog tips or cooking ideas. Please don’t be shy if you have any questions, it could be anything about myself or my recipes, I will try to answer each one.  I greatly encourage leaving comments! I hope you are ready for fun ingredients, cool stories and great techniques.

Have fun exploring my food blog! Enjoy!