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A sauce or spread for sandwiches

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Roasted Red Pepper

Perfect for dipping or spreading

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Sweet Honey

A sauce or spread for chicken, fish and steak

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Once you sample from my collection of natural Mediterranean Garlic Sauces there will be no going back. The best part is, all my sauces are made from local and organic ingredients! Are you looking for a dairy free sauce, a gluten free sauce, or a vegan sauce…my sauces are all three! Versatile, each organic sauce can be used as a marinade, a dip or even a spread. Hurry! Choose from my three unique flavors and you will discover the secret ingredient your kitchen has been missing.

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Chicken Soup

I like to keep this chicken soup prepared in my fridge or freezer because it is such a big hit with my friends and family!

Asian meatballs, meatballls, meatball

Asian Meatballs

I served these Asian meatballs at a BBQ everyone went crazy for them!


Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are one of my favorite treats!


Hummus Cups

These hummus cups are great for a party, super easy, and extremely healthy!